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English pages

ISBN 978-3-9521993-6-7
Price: Euro 19.80
Size: 12,5 x 19 cm / 492 pages
Weight: 483 g
First edition: January 2007
by Theodor Boder Verlag, CH-4322 Mumpf

Available in the book trade, Online-Shops and directly from the author. In German only.

ISBN : 978-3-905802-04-7
Price; 9.44 Eur (D)
Size: eBook ePub (ex. DRM), 420 pages
First edition: November 2010

Available in German only. For eBook orders, please contact (kindle edition) or (ePub)

DIE TASCHE AUS VANCOUVER (Vancouver memoirs)

Lisa, a shy 19 year old Swiss girl, fullfils her dream of learning English in Canada.
Naively she acceptes the large challenge and takes the chance to change her life completely.

At her guest family in Vancouver she learns the difference between Swiss and Canadian mentalities.
Each day is new and exciting, but gradually she becomes confronted with unpleasant things.

Very fast she makes friends with some Canadian students and meets thereby her first
real love, Josh. They spend a short and easy time together, until she becomes the victiim of rape.

The author describes her own drastic experiences in novel form.

No excerpts in English available.

Now available

SEHNSUCHT NACH VANCOUVER (Longing for Vancouver)

the sequal of DIE TASCHE AUS VANCOUVER (Vancouver Memoirs)

ISBN : 978-3-905802-07-8
Price: Euro 11.50
Size: 20 x 13,5 cm / 160 pages
First edition: 1st September 2010
Weight: 192 g
by Theodor Boder Verlag, CH-4322 Mumpf

ISBN : 978-3-905802-11-5
Price: 10.99 EUR
Size: eBook ePub, 147 pages
First editon: 31st December 2010

Available in German only. For eBook orders (kindle edition) or (ePub)

"I was looking out of the small aircraft-window. The horizon was showing the sunrise and I was blinking into the red light of a new day, into the light of a new life. - The farytail was over..."

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