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I was born on February 10th, 1963 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. I grew up having a simple and stable family background. My father was a bricklayer foreman, my mother was working as a sales assistant until the birth of her first daughter.

I had a happy and easy childhood together with my two older sisters. I loved the nature. So I spent my spare time mostly outside in my family's huge garden.

After finishing elementary and secondary school, I attended business school specializing in languages. After these three years, I fulfilled my dream of learning English by moving to Vancouver, Canada for 6 months and worked as a Nanny, and then returned to Switzerland where I worked as a travel agent and then for an export firm.

Today I live with my family near Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Since then I visited Vancouver for three times and each time I felt at home.

Photo: Theodor Boder Copyright (c) 2006 by Theodor Boder Verlag

"I was never inclined to write a book. In school, I usually received poor marks for my essays. I have to admit though that I remember having wished to change the end of the Winnetou-trilogy by Karl May. I was absolutely not able to accept the death of the hero at the end of the story. So I wrote a better ending at the age of about twelve. Only for me!"

(Lisa Borg, 2006)

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